Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not a great day today. Total of 16 trades which is above the norm for me. Above two trades pretty much sums up my day. I was getting shaken out of trades all day. Lulu was just taking its time to get going  and my stop was too tight. BRMN I was hoping to catch pull back but that's the way it goes sometime. I was somehow manage to keep my loss for the day small. 

Trades for 12/10

Here's is two trades I executed yesterday. You can see the executions and the side on the chart. 
I just stuck with UAL because it was having decent size moves while the market was selling off. Obviously best trade was to buy at 63.50 and hold on for the ride but I was gone by that time. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rebirth of the blog.

I've been gone for too long. I don't know who might be reading or have interest in blog. For now, this is a raw project and don't know what it'll evolve into. I'll be posting some of my good and bad trades and my thoughts on the market.

if my blog peeks your interest please do let me know by short comment or e-mail. It will definitely serve as motivation for me to keep going with this project.

Thank you for your time.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thoughts for the week ahead! 11-4-13 to 11-8-13

My view of the market heading into the week. Market has rallied hard from the low of  14648 to the high 15676. In 14 trading session market went from 15658 to 14648 and it took the following 15 session made back all those losses. Sounds a lot like range trading.

We have tested the highs and backed of a little bit which seems normal but 20 EMA( Exponential moving average) is currently at 15,308.
Potential scenario 1: could be time consolidation ( wait for the ema to catch up). Before we begin the rally again.
Scenario 2: Price correction to meet ema.

Scenario 3: Would be the opposite and we could some news that could have the market spiraling down.

For now I am leaning for towards Scenario 1 because of the past two trading session.

Intraday: I will be cautious while in this range. Goal will be to keep this range in mind and not get too excited about short term price spike.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pre-Work for 10-14

Thoughts: So looks like we are set to open gap down (108 points). Rally for the Thursday and Friday could be seen as pullback in a downtrend.

Levels for the day:
    Resistance: 15093,15111,15193.
    Support: 15040,15026,14950.

In the News: Debt ceiling and Earning